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Know-how for sustainable heavy traffic.

Trucks are playing a crucial role in the defossilization of transport. Immediately available, highly efficient and cost-reducing – switching to trucks, tractor units and buses with CNG and LNG is an option. Suitable series vehicles in various sizes and designs between 3.5 and 40 tons are available for delivery traffic, waste disposal and recycling management, construction / transport and logistics companies. Increasing demand. Various funding measures from acquisition to vehicle operation provide additional impetus, although there are a few things to consider here. As a specialist in this environmentally and climate-friendly mobility, you can rely on up-to-date and well-founded advice on applications, vehicles and filling stations from gibgas consulting + media.

Advice and service for companies with truck and car fleets:

  • · The right fuel: CNG, LNG or both? · Support with route planning and optimization
  • · Research into infrastructure and availability
  • · Communication with petrol station operators
  • · Current funding packages: which, how and where?